Joshua Bennett Schwartz

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Joshua Bennett Schwartz is the Founder and Manager of Wolf-Suit. Josh fell in love with theater and film as a young child, and dreamt that one day he would make an impact in the arts.  Wolf-Suit is the culmination of that pursuit.  When Josh dons his Wolf-Suit, he has been known to take on the roles of actor, writer, singer, and sometimes even director.  He is also a terrible insomniac, a Shakespeare obsessive, and a child at heart. Interesting note: Dr. Michael Schwartz (Josh’s father) would read “Where the Wild Things Are” to Josh every night between the ages of 2 to 4.  Reportedly, Dr. Schwartz still has the entire book memorized. 

Craig Newman

Collaborative Artist/Co-Conspirator

Craig has helped direct and craft "Experimental Treatment" since its inception at 2014's Brooklyn Live Art Market. Craig is a director, actor, and writer who works on both stage and screen. He enjoys lemonade on hot days, and bonfires on cold nights. Craig is a Ramblin' Man as he often finds himself answering the call to work in a variety of different locations.


Like To Become A Wolf-Suit Wearer?

We’re always looking for new projects, ideas, and collaborators.  Please feel free to reach out to us with yours.

Contact Us: WolfsuitWearer@Gmail.Com