It's happening guys!  Experimental Treatment, the interactive and immersive theatrical spectacle, (formerly known as "Left/Right") is coming to the Theaterlab in NYC from December 18-21. Performances will occur at 8pm every night, and there will also be 2pm weekend matinees on Saturday and Sunday.

For those who haven't heard, our cast includes the following wonderful people:

Tanner Maroney as Jeremy

Lily Feinn as the Police

Lauriel Friedman as the Woman

And we also have assembled a fine production team:

Directed by Craig Newman

Sound Design by Jon Shapiro

Lighting Design by Joe Cabrera

Stage Managed by Conrad Kluck

Written and Produced by Joshua Bennett Schwartz

We also have additional advisors and consultants who we will mention over the next few weeks. But needless to say, we're going to bring you an incredible production in December! 

We're selling Pre-Sale tickets now through our Indiegogo campaign, as well as a variety of other perks.  While we raised the majority of the funds for our production through traditional routes, we're trying to bring you the best possible experience.  To do that, we're asking for some extra money.  But we have a lot to offer in exchange, so PLEASE check it out.  

General Ticket sale begins December 1 (tickets will be 25 dollars).  Look back for details on that, and other updates in the coming weeks! Can't wait for December 18th!  Hope to see you there.

It's going to be a Blast!