Experimental Treatment (A "Left/Right" Update)

Our debut theatrical production, newly re-titled "Experimental Treatment" (previously titled "Left/Right/"), has found a home at the Theaterlab in NYC this December.  From the 18th through the 21st, we will be putting up 6 performances of this new "choose-your-own-adventure" theatrical piece.  

In "Experimental Treatment", audience members make choices in collaboration with performers at decisive moments during the story. Through these interactions, the audience can literally dictate the direction of the entire production, making each performance a novel and uniquely engaging experience. Through a combination of scripted scenes and improv, the cast of "Experimental Treatment" will engage its audience in fantastic new ways, allowing for more audience participation than allowed in other interactive theatrical experiences. It will be a puzzle, a collaborative adventure, and a crazy party.  We invite you all to come out and participate this December!


Tickets on Sale Soon!